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Becoming a FIG Partner is like joining a family of like-minded individual companies, who, together, operate as a single multi-national forwarder allowing each member to expand their global reach, safe in the knowledge that each member has been carefully vetted and monitored on an ongoing basis.

10 great reasons to be a FIG partner

1. EXCLUSIVITY:  We appoint just ONE exceptional forwarder in each country. YOU are our exclusive 'FIG Partner' in your country. FIG Partners prefer to deal with other trusted FIG Partners... 

2. INCREASED GLOBAL REACH: Our target is to establish FIG Partners in 100+ countries worldwide giving virtually global coverage even in many 'hard-to-reach' countries...

3. INCREASED BUSINESS: FIG Partners prefer to deal with other trusted and approved members which offers a great opportunity for 'reciprocal business'.  With a trusted global network, our members are involved in 'projects' where the strength and reputation of reliable agents can be critical in securing  global business. Enquiries are received directly from our FIG website (visitors can contact our FIG Partners directly) and later this year we are bringing another 'ground-breaking' product - 'INTERFORWARDER' which will further increase opportunities for our members. PLEASE REMEMBER:- It is important to build relationships (just like any family). There is no place for members who just want to RECEIVE enquiries without GIVING... we offer the framework - you build your reputation!

4. FIG ANNUAL CONFERENCE: Our FIG Annual Conference is regularly voted by our members 'best conference of any network'. See below some of our past conferences - our favourite, may be 'one to one' meetings on an elephant in Bali!!! Of course our FIG members have a great time but most importantly they get to know each other - people deal with people' - and many of our FIG Partners have become firm friends as well as business colleagues..

5. NETWORKING: Well... we ARE a network... No need to wait until our FIG Annual Conference to get to know our FIG 'family'. You can call/chat/video-chat/email/whatsapp/facebook/telegram any of our FIG Partners directly from the FIG website. We use 'TELEGRAM' as a group chat and even video-chat member to member or multiple members at the same time. Our Telegram Group is called... well... FIGGROUP. On joining our FIG family, you will be invited to join our Telegram  group and to download this clever piece of software.

6. AFFILIATION: If you are successful in joining our FIGGROUP Network, you are showing the world that you have been endorsed by a professional alliance and have unlimited access to an established  and globally recognised brand.  

7. INNOVATION: FIG Admin operates a policy of 'constant improvement'. Any surplus funds are directed to developing innovative and useful products to enhance the service offered by our members to their clients. 

8. SUPPORT FOR NON-PAYMENT: We take a different view to most forwarder networks... We consider it OUR JOB to ensure that ALL appointed FIG Partners are financially secure and have a professional reputation. We DO NOT charge an insurance premium to our members (just in case we get it wrong!) We have had just ONE case of 'bad debt' in our group over EIGHTEEN YEARS... (which was settled by FIG Admin). All members are constantly monitored through feedback and annual assessment.

9. FIG 'GOLD' STANDARD: Each of our members is graded 'Gold/Silver/Bronze' based on feedback, payment history and attendance at our FIG Annual Conference. Only conference attendees can attain the FIG 'Gold' standard whilst those in the 'Bronze' category may be replaced subject to review.

10. VALUE: We believe that membership of FIGGROUP represents the best value of any forwarder network anywhere in the world. So what are you waiting for??? Take the first step to building a better future for YOUR company!

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about the association

Established in Queensland, Australia in 2004, FIGGROUP has grown to become one of the most respected alliances of freight forwarders. With our HQ now in the UK, we continue to grow in strength, capability and global reach for the benefit of our FIG Partners and their clients.


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Address: 163 London Road, Waterlooville, Hampshire United Kingdom PO7 7RJ

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